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 1751 yeahtoast yeahtoastJust gets better with age, like wine, and George Clooney2010-11-09unknown126 
 1752 PokeAwesome94 PokeAwesome942013-04-09unknown8    
 1753 deathbybees deathbybees2011-08-06unknown0    
 1754 Kazaazz KazaazzMy mother commenting on her swimming the other day-->Mum: I'm practically a fish! Me: You certainly drink like one, Mum.2010-08-05unknown934 
 1755 WaniNoko158 WaniNoko1582010-05-04unknown16    
 1756 avatar PestemonQuestionable.2013-01-06unknown3    
 1757 alice20ai alice20aii would never, ever kicks something with long tight skirt again 2011-10-30unknown5 
 1758 CandyThief CandyThiefChildren - you spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk, and the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut up.2012-02-12unknown0    
 1759 Colony Colony2010-06-02unknown15    
 1760 avatar OneReadTwice2011-11-12unknown0    
 1761 generalremy generalremyimprov anyone?2010-04-22unknown7    
 1762 avatar thefirediamond2011-03-12unknown0    
 1763 avatar lou-poo2010-10-17unknown0    
 1764 Alma Alma2010-09-05unknown0    
 1765 YukiWolf YukiWolf2010-07-21unknown2