On the closing of the main characters' audition section.

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On the closing of the main characters' audition section.

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:08 pm

Hello, again.
Perhaps I should explain why I have the main characters' audition section closed.

The reason is we don't really know when we will record the episodes where those voices take place. It could take years to get to a certain episode (Especially at this rate) and if we cast you now then maybe you won't be here when we need you. That's why we decided to open auditions for main characters the instant we need them.

We could still add you to the voice cast as an additional voice. That won't disqualify you from being a main character in fact it might improve your chances since we are thinking of searching our existing voice cast for mains first an then resorting to auditions.

So if you have a high-quality microphone and decent acting skills, don't hesitate to audition.

That is all.


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