Essay help?

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Essay help?

Post by Neojunk on Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:26 am

You guys all seem like a smart bunch of group. I'm in H. Soph English and I think I speak for 90% of the sophomore population when I say I hate essays. Well.... the problem is, I just need someone to look over it and rate it. I've head people tell me there's too much fluff or too cliche in some parts, I fixed over it and now the final part (due monday 10:22 in 'Zona time(no dst)) is in need of YOUR opinion XD. Please suggest a title too please. Not sure if it will come out in the sam format I want it to but:

Awesome Title Here

In our most idealistic thoughts, our hopes and dreams are expressed and experienced with contentment, though in “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, gives out the message that when taken literally with a utopian government, it becomes too controlling and too repetitive in its mundane cycle of perfection. However, in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll shows Alice’s subconscious whims are acted accordingly without the limits set by the real world. Jonas’s rational mind escapes infinite harmony which can be oppressive, whereas Alice’s rational mind escapes into infinite freedom, where nonsense is sensible thus breaking down the social contract, in which introverted is preferred over the extraverted.
Memories received by Jonas and Alice’s dream are collateral in many ways. The memories received are knowledge earned by the human mind through out the millenniums. Jonas learns of war, disease, love, colors, and all kinds of pains and pleasures through such memories. But if you no longer remember the pain and pleasure, it is as if it never happened; there is no such thing as grief or joy. It might seem blissful at first, but when observed and compared with Jonas’s utopian society where the people are oblivious to such things, they are pitiful because they have nothing to experience. Life suddenly becomes dull and tedious. Likewise, Alice dreams a dream, and encounters many puzzles that seem to be meaningless/without answer. It makes one wonder what the

Hwang 2
point of all this aimless adventure is all for. With no explanation and nothing to experience, it only creates frustration.
Power change occurs very subtly through out the plot. Older powers are passed on to the next generation and the “superior” races are replaced by beasts of burden. In Alice’s dream, the talking animals seem to be more intelligent than she is. The animals humiliate her, confuse her because in her “wonderland” the nonsense spoke are supposedly sensible. The puns and other figurative wordplay are funny but they also cryptically mock Alice. Alice approximates her dream with logic but only ends up finding an illogical world. The Cheshire Cat reveals the entire Wonderland to be mad, and thus making her normal behavior “mad” in comparison. She lacks the self-confidence but once reassured of her status as a wealthy English child and education, she regains her dominance. Similarly but in ways that contrast; in the choosing of their careers, Jonas is singled out as the Receiver of memories, almost immediately gaining the status as a philosopher and elder of his utopia. Power gained and power earned contrasts as when power is given, the receiver may not want such power but power earned becomes crucial when reinforcing his/her rule.
Wishes and sudden whims are present in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, while the impossibilities of an idealistic world become evident throughout the plot of The Giver. But in both of these “kid-lit”, the subversive meanings behind these novels function as not only a reflection to our contemporary culture (the movies, books, and other mass-media uncovering the perfect people in the perfect stories, in which everything is everlasting), but also to the wishes of people throughout time. Everyone has their own Bourgeois Shangri-La (middle-class paradise), the real world problems no longer exist and they can talk their small talks in their stay-cation in their backyard barbeques. Wishful thinking is a food for thought, but it should not interfere with reality..

I don't see any violation for posting this... maybe off-topic? But I don't think we have to talk about pokemon all the time... My essay XD


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Re: Essay help?

Post by Mylodon on Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:47 am

This forum was focused on the project.

I'm locking this topic because I consider it spam. This is your last warning, remember to read the rules and if you're in doubt about a topic, PM me or some other mod about it.

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