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*Insert funny here along with appropriate grammar*

Post by Lillith on Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:05 pm

Hey guys.

Just found this board somehow (I don't even remember) last night and apparently thought it was a good idea to sign up. So I signed up. And it was a good idea.

'bout me:
Female, 19, german, lightheaded, slow, lazy, easily-amoused, mostly honest, egocentric, and a little fat. I'm adorable I tell ya

I've been told about the Pokémon Special Manga by somebody on a Forum (I've never heard of it before at that time), that was maybe 2 years ago? I began reading but honestly the first few chapters weren't all that exiting to me and I forgot about it.
Sometime later I stumbled upon it once again, read further and suddenly I was caught up in it.
I got REALLY excited once I got to the GSC arc, HOLY MOLY, friggin awesome.
Currently I am reading the Emerald Arc and can't wait to get to DP (Manzai!! *rainbowbarf*)

So, er, yes, I really really like this Manga and the idea of turning it into an anime is awesome. I do see great potential here for the biggest part of the members seem to be young energetic adults C:
We can do this, guys!

I did watch the Pokemon Special Special Show (great job~) and I myself might be of help for backgrounds or something; I occasionally draw.
I will post examples of things I did (like the Avatar, which depicts Mega, if you couldn't tell x3 ) in the provided board.
I'd really love to help out in this project not only because it is about one of my favourite fandoms, but also because I am very interested in animation itself.

*insert a catchphrase here!*

Lovely Love from Lillith.

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Re: *Insert funny here along with appropriate grammar*

Post by Tsurugi on Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:07 pm

Welcome to forums, Lilith, I'm Tsurugi. If there's one thing we need in this project, it's animators. Be sure to look over the rules before auditioning, and if you have any questions, I direct you to the Team Leaders and Vices, as well as the Admins.

This land is made of LOVE AND PEACE !!! Very Happy
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