Update: May 19th 2014

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Update: May 19th 2014

Post by Memieko on Mon May 19, 2014 1:22 am

Hello everyone!

I have a lot to post, so for the tl;dr people, here are the basics: The project isn't dead, I'm just the only person left able to work on it(or at least still trying to) while being extremely busy with school and a lot of live events. However, I should hopefully get the ending done before the end of July. I will promise you guys that much.

Now for the actual long post:

What I've been thinking about:
Since I joined Pokemon Special I noticed the staff stayed very “hush hush” with the fans supporting the project. They kept all the videos hidden on a private channel for private viewing and only discussed ideas among themselves. I'm not saying this was a bad thing as it was to avoid stolen ideas and other projects spurting up and stealing from our own, but I feel this was the route that caused the projects near death. I want to change that completely. I want to let everyone in on ideas and plans(not every single one of them of course, but at least the general) and keep them up to date on the lives of the staff and what is currently happening with the project. I feel if we (or I) stay quiet too long you will all fear we (or I) have abandoned the project completely or worse.

What's been going on with me:
Since staff weren't very self-disclosing in the beginning, I will be now. When I said I should have the ending done in a week, it was before my Psychology teacher decided to unleash homework as time consuming and tedious as solving a rubix cube that has 10 sides. Seriously, this guy was an awesome professor, but sweet mother of god his homework was almost unbearable. I didn't sleep some nights and he had 5 different quizzes per chapter, 1 chapter per class, and two classes per week. That was close to about 120 quizzes in 12 weeks on top of 5 different essay type papers that all had to completed in a sequence. There's more, but I won't bore you. On top of completing that class and my Winter Term (while also nearly dying several times on icy roads because my college can't coordinate snow days worth crap) my boyfriend, now fiance, finally moved from Ohio on March 7th. I had to adjust to him being here after a 2 year long online relationship and juggle University application and enrollment stuff (I'm only working on a transfer degree at the moment) while still going to school. When my boyfriend arrived we were slightly backhanded by a family friend who promised to take him in until he found a place, but they ended up changing their mind within the 24 hours AFTER he was already here. Luckily, my father (being the awesome man he is) actually offered him the guest room. Up until about two weeks ago I was running around ragged looking for some place, but with the time of the year, properties are being taken over like wildfire. I finally got a lead after weeks of searching and, within two days, we had an application pending (will not hear until Monday or Tuesday - fingers crossed!) but sustained a nasty cold for another week due to all my stress with school and apartment hunting (It is SO hard finding places with 3 animals.) The cold is going away now and I've landed into the busiest of my term. I have to read a book within 2 weeks and write a report on it because my library took a whole friggin month getting it to me when I requested it. Either way, work will continue once this mess of school is over.

About Pokemon Special:
As you know I did find an animator and they’re still online everyday on skype and actively making their own animation clips, so I know that’s still open for when I finish what I need. I can only do so much as tweening, but I need them for compiling and keyframing. So that's why I can't do everything.

Anyway, I will post reminiscent pictures on the Facebook page detailing some history of the project ideas that were scrapped or may be in current use. Let's hope the original artists don't get mad at me, but I don't want their work to fade and die into the oblivion of cyberspace.

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