Audition for Parts (and a minor suggestion)

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Audition for Parts (and a minor suggestion) Empty Audition for Parts (and a minor suggestion)

Post by the_jamonator on Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:42 pm

I would like to audition for the parts of Ken, Al, and Harry; AKA the team rocket elite trio! while not always metioned by name,they appear frequently enough to warrant a part. you can see their appearances hereon bulbapedia under "team rocket elite trio
" (I'm not allowed to post links yet)
I am also suggesting a running gag, the gag being that i play all 3 parts. Ken could be altered to have a mental condition where he talks to himself,and the others are always trying to get him to snap out of it.
Example SS Anne Scene (from yellow)
K: She'll never best us with THOSE pokemon! See ken? once again delivering the right line at the right time!
A+H: KEN! knock it off!
K: just,just shut up, both of you! your voices are so annoying!
(defeat at the hands of yellow ensues)

Not sure exactly what you are looking for in an audition, but i can record as early as tommorow if you get back to me fast enough.


Audition for Parts (and a minor suggestion) Bg10
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