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It's been long time! Empty It's been long time!

Post by SaiTurtlesninjaNX on Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:00 pm

I haven't been on this site in years. I still think about the project time to time. It wasn't until I saw the update logo.

For those of you how do remember. I made a guild line for Animalistic pokemon sounds.

What of I been up it. For the year or so I been working on my draw so I can my a comic. I been currently working on studying anatomy. I have also been saving for a cintiq. That's new 27 inch.

So if there any way I can still up just like me know.

Animalistic pokemon sounds:
You are not the only one who I'm PM.

Animalistic Pokémon sounds 1

Animalistic Pokémon sounds 2

Animalistic Pokémon sounds

pokémon guideline

I rewatch my pokémon voices from my last auditions. I pick the best ones and did some new things to them. I give each pokémon at least 3 basic emotion each but I can do more emotions with each pokémon. I try to hide them saying there names in the animal sounds the best I clould (will for now). I use 2 or 3 differents syllables/sounds but I did have to replace some of the syllables with another sound to make the pokémon sound more like a real animals. If you want to learn more about what I did for the pokémon sounds please read the detail description below.

Animalistic Pokémon Sounds: That is still unclear and there not alot of references on how to do it. To get the pokémon to sound more like real animals I have to stop thinking like a voice actor and started thinking more like a biologist. I look at all aspect of the pokémon like Animal Type, Biology, Physiology, Behavior, and even the way it mouth move. If some pokémon sound similarly to each other that because some pokémon may have similar animal type they may sound a bit similarly to each other but there will be little differents beween there voices.

The Pokémon Saying there Names: I have heard animal before make sounds that sound like there talking. I had a cat who talk back. This is where my original idea for animalistic pokémon sounds came from. That I have harded animal make sound that sound kinda like there talking. One reason on how the pokémon got there names are from the sound they make. If you lisnen closely to them it's sound kinda like there saying there names but in way there not. So in a strange way my pokémon voices are saying there names.

Evolution: I wanted to have the pokémon transition sounds through out there evolution. I try to have them sounding kinda similary. I keep the key sound and change thing like pitch and some syllables for each evolution.

Syllables: Helf the time I replace some of the syllables with another sound. I do used at least use 2 or 3 syllables.  One of the problems that we have with the pokémon voice is using the all the syllables in there name and trying to make them sound more animal like. So if there a pokémon voice that I'm doing and there a syllables in it name that didn't match up with the rest of the sound I want. I will replace that syllables with a another sound that match the rest of the voice.

Emotion: I did try give the pokémon some basic emotion, Anger, Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Trust, Fear, Them attacking and them being hurt. I can try to give each pokémon at least 3 emotion. To show that I can do differents for each pokémon. But however like animal most of the pokémon emotion are going to come from there body language. I didn't have picture showing all the emotion for each pokémon. If I was taping this and showing myself acting like the pokémon you guys be laughing you heads off. LOL

If I get a part I will recored each pokemon voice line one at a time and edit out any breathing unlike what I did for this audition. (I hope I edit out must of the breathing)

---Pokémon Voice Description---
When I was recored audition I did each pokemon voice a ones now will heard me breathing at the being and sometime beween battle cry. Not at the time it's me breathing it's really me sniff at the mic. As I go on with each pokemon I'll get more comfortable with the pokemon and start show emotion however I also start acting like them and that why I'm sniffing the mic.



Poliwag: It the same type of thing as for it evolutions but I higher pitch.

Poliwhirl: I started with this pokémon.

Poliwrath: It's like poliwhirl but deeper.

Squirtle: Animal type don't even make sounds so I look at the way it mouth move. I wanted to make it sound like there bubble on the back of it mouth.

Wartortle: We don't see squirtle vary long in the manga so did the same type of thing and made it a little deeper.

Charmander: I want Charmander to sound something like a iguana with some roary growly noises. I don't want charmander to sound anything like a snank. Because some people want a little hisses I gave charmander a little hisses.

Charmeleon: Is similar to charmander but a bit more deeper and roary, growly and no hisses. I did breath alot when I was doing charmeleon because I did his lines all at ones. If I get this part I will recored his lines one at a time unlike this audition.

Charizard: Have more sound to it. It have some of charmeleon characteristic but must more dragon like.

Mew: I did the highese pitch cat sound I can.

Meowth: Was very easy for me to do. I used the some type of voice used in the anime and started acting like a cat. I had pet cats in the past and I love to copy them. Yes I did the meow mix song.

Pikachu: I not he best voice actor for Pika but I to make him sound more animalistic.

Nidorino: The first sound you hear from nidorino is it being hit in the head with the pokeball. Nidorino, Rhyhorn, and Rhydon will sound similarly to each other because there base on the as animal a Rhinocero.





Onix: I use the deepest and lowest voice I could and to give emotion I just change the speed on how i said it.

Rattata: I made it sound curious and rat like.

---Ghost Pokémon---
I'm sorry to say that I did have the ghost pokémon say there names but I did in a cool way. I used my breathing and did cool things with them.




names and combine with the animal sounds
mouth move
roaring and growling

I like to make the sound first and then add the pokémon voice.

I'm Sai. I'm one of the developer's of the method that we used for the pokémon Voices/sounds. If you have any questions just PM me and I will help you.

[center]Check out my YouTube Channel. I'm been doing Pokémon Special / Adventures videos.
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