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Post by EmberSkiesUnleashed on Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:59 am

Hi, PokeSpe Anime Crew!

I was wondering: What's the background music going to be?
I have a background in music composition, and enjoy composing all kinds of music. I was wondering if I could write, or help write, the background score for the PokeSpe anime. I would still keep many of the original Pokemon themes, but would create transition music for the touching scenes, emotional scenes, adventurous scenes, and other scenes that aren't exactly Pokemon battles.
If I need to audition for this, I would be happy to send you my music.  I can compose a short selection that would fit the scene, mood and timing. If you have anything specific in mind, let me know.
I immensly enjoy music composition, and I love PokeSpe. I would be honored for an opportunity to help work on the background music.

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