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Post by Caustic on Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:51 am


I'm refered by the pseudonym "Caustic". I'm an avid and enthusiastic person, and I'm hoping to offer my own help and support towards this project. This will be the first fan-project I might take part in and I hope we might work well together. The first time I ever used GIMP was when I read this manga half a year back and decided to colour some pages. Although incomplete, I was shocked by the simplicity involved in just tracing and colouring an image. Turned out to be a fail, because I never completed it. ( Very Happy ), although I will try to put in my best.

A few days back, I restumbled back on PokeSpe, and found a link to the BW arc. After a quick marathon through the series, I began to think, "What might happen if this was animated?", "Could I do it?". Intrigued, I began watching videos on YouTube, only to be dismally disappointed by the lack of tries. Certain images of the manga I've seen were certainly impressive, but my hugest catch was a mere few seconds ago, when I discovered the deviant page that in turn led to this page. It was exciting. Seeing how that the DeviantGroup was formed only last year, I was worried that it might be abandoned; it wasn't Smile

Naturally, I instinctively registered an account and jumped to the intro section after a quick skim of the FAQs. I will definately do my best to contribute to this project. I will begin by brushing up on my hand on GIMP. I'm also skilled to a certain degree on Blender, which I'm certain will become handy some time in the near future. Other than that, it's good to see active effort in the community.


PS: Is there an IRC channel of some sort? Most projects of this degree should have one.


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Post by Jonk on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:42 am

Welcome to the forum.

We don't have a IRC that I know of but when we need instant messaging Skype or even just PM's work well enough. We work hard and at our own pace allowing us to not be tied up from RL.

Read the rules and hope you stick around. BTW, I'm Jonk, nice to meet you Caustic.

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