Insert Theme Suggestions/Examples

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Insert Theme Suggestions/Examples

Post by videofan9864 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 5:33 am

This would normally go on the suggestion thread but since I have example videos I might as well put them here. I'm sure there aren't any final insert themes yet so its not yet too late to suggest what I think. For the insert themes I think it should go this way, we limit it to just 5-6 insert themes and just remix them to reuse on other circumstances. I think music isn't hard to remix if the situations are almost alike. This is an example
Its a normal battle theme from a game called grandia and it skips to a higher beat at 2:24 which would play if a player gets ambushed.

So my point is to make just a handful of themes and remix them (change some beats) to reuse. So my idea is
1. Happy/ Cheerful/ Fluke/Embarrass
A happy theme when the anime is on a light note and remixed to fit a situation if there is comedy or a character does a fluke or gets unbelievably lucky. (Blue copying Red's lines), (Blue disguising as Subrina then scares Red)

I coudn't find an example but you guys get the point.

2. Villain theme/ Darker and Edgier
I recommend a high organ/piano theme for this one. Whenever team rocket does something villainous (giovanni shows up then kills the magmar and remixed for other darker situations (lavender pokemon tower) Examples
Tantei Gakuen Q starts 7:50

3. Sad/Touchy/ Determination theme
A sad theme when a character loses hope (Ruby after showing he doesn't care on the hoenn situation) then remixed for a situation of heartwarming (Ruby's Mimi evolving) then getting the determination back (Red in FRLG) Examples from other media
Tales of the abyss, One of the best
Spiral, starts 5:11-5:41
Gundam Seed, one of the best

4. Chase/Battle
A normal chase scene then remixed to fit a battle scene.
Detective conan starts at 1:21

5. Deduction/Explanation/Victory
Pokemon Special is not without explanations. Especially on battle strategies. Instead of making a loud victory theme when the hero is winning why not something like deduction then remixed to a victory. Like these
anime Spiral. Music starts at 3:33.
anime Tantei Gakuen q. Music starts 0:28


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Re: Insert Theme Suggestions/Examples

Post by Kazaazz on Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:23 am

Awesome Grandia and Tales of the Abyss! That brings back memories...

Anyway great choice. With some lyrics and a remix from our music team we could have ourselves some insert songs. You picked out a nice selection...specially grandia, TofA and gundam seed as they really seem to suit PokeSpe...

We've got to make sure we get the tone right from the music so that it matches the mood of the episode, but other than that I guess we're free to play around with some tunes.
Here's some I picked out. They're more like background music than insert songs but they're still good for inspriration I guess.

For Viridian Forest/Ilex Forest/mysteriousness. Lavender Tower could also work.

Epiphany moment/where the fightback begins/battle music:

Mourning/peaceful moment/moment of reflection.

All three of these games are awesome pikachu

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