The name's VeeVee. I'm mad on PokeSpe. I can't do rhymes. But I'm doing it this time ==

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The name's VeeVee. I'm mad on PokeSpe. I can't do rhymes. But I'm doing it this time ==

Post by VeeVee on Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:15 am

Hello fellow PokeSpe fans ^^

ARGH. How long has it been since I first started reading this manga?! Wow - I think at least 6 years haha ^^ Can't be as long as some of you guys here though, but my passion for it is just as alive as yours are~

I remember dreaming about WATCHING a PokeSpe anime once their company FIGURES OUT we don't like the original anime as much as we would like a PokeSpe anime!~ But then again they STILL haven't gotten the hint == So I'm totally glad I stumbled onto this site <3 This place is really cool and I'm impressed things have been on for so long!

Too bad I didn't see this site before, or I would've joined early for sure >.< Well, better late than never. I came here for the precious moments of PokeSpe I cherish so much <3 Reading the manga over and over again, writing fanfiction and drooling over the latest fan-drawings of the various shippings - ESPECIALLY FRANTIC <3 - are so good memories that I'll never be able to forget my childhood. PokeSpe really brightened things for me xD

I spent many nights when I was a teenager - and even now still - thinking up fanfiction stories in my head, and wondering if there could possibly be a Anime Distortion World somewhere out there on this earth. If I could find the portal I would jump straight in without a second thought. I wouldn't have to spend hours playing the games just so I could feel as if I WAS in the manga.

I don't believe in reincarnation. But I still wish I could be part of the PokeSpe world somehow. So I joined the moment I heard about this site xD Here's to hoping I'll be welcomed here with open arms - and that Blue won't steal my gym badges! -

Regards, Vee <3


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