Ending is finally finished

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Ending is finally finished

Post by Memieko on Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:54 pm

In case you don't check our social media sites. I wanted to post this major event:


We finally finished the ending! Thanks to Guest's quick thinking and caution, our files were saved after the virus incident and he proceeded to compile them for us. Thank you Guest! Also thanks to my awesome colorists and all the fans who have stuck with us for so long. Also, in case you missed this post:

I also plan to remake forums and have a programmer friend help with making a website. Since I'm the last one relatively active and somewhat animating, I will take over the project for now instead of Jonk. The forum remake is really so I can have admin powers(Guest left giving them to Jonk when he was inactive, and Jonk has since fallen back to inactivity) and be able to post tutorials/explanations on keyframing and tweening to be able to attract more people. We REALLY need animators as I'm the only one and busy in college.

Oh and I have the opening partly on storyboard. I will be following the original idea of Aki for it and should start keyframing soon. Enjoy everyone. There will be quite a few new changes going on.


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