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Post by PokeFan72 on Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:32 pm

Hi guys, it's me again, Danica... -sigh- So yeah, I posted in the audition topics a QUESTION about storyboarding but only this guy who's username is "Guest" replied and all he said was that I need to post a walk cycle to audition for animator, but there's a problem.... I wasn't asking about ANIMATOR, I was asking about STORYBOARDER, so please someone go view that topic and tell me!!! I also want to ask if storyboarding has to be done digitally because I only have artweaver, paint, and a terribly small tablet for computer drawing but if I could use paper my work would turn out a whole lot better because whenever I try to use the computer to draw (with the tablet) the lines always end up all squiggly and stuff like that. ^^; If you wanna see a few of my drawings on paper here's some links:

I have a couple speed-draws on YouTube:

And here's my collection on KidzBop (Please note most of this stuff is REALLY old)


That's all for now!! Thanks!!

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